The BMW X7 may be inevitable (and it's your mom's fault)

Well this is it ladies and gentlemen. Here's the part where the small and angry crowd of baggy-eyed jalopy protesters realize their influence on the Bavarian brand is entertaining at best and cries for the good old days of screaming inlines and lightweight rear drive platforms are efforts so futile that it makes the… » 3/22/14 2:08am 3/22/14 2:08am

Dino 246GT: The lady dressed in sapphire

I never cared much for classic cars until recently in my 20s. For most of my life, particularly in my adolescent years, performance numbers defined the rank of a car and technology determined its desirability. It wasn't until last year I discovered the wonder of appreciating older cars that crowds overlooked and… » 2/22/14 11:00pm 2/22/14 11:00pm

A drive through a Californian valley in an E39 M5

Forewarning: This is not about a clean, pretty or polished M5 nor is it some stanced hard parker. It's the exact opposite, one that is dirty, loud, rugged and not afraid to be driven.

Several months back, an old buddy of mine mentioned he acquired some kind of M5. For one reason or another, I never bothered to ask… » 7/28/13 1:22pm 7/28/13 1:22pm