Drive all that drives you.

A few weeks back at the Laguna Seca MotoGP (click me for pics!) I came across a Land Rover Experience off-road driving school course event experience for off-road...driving...yeah.


Anyways, it was neat seeing all the new models go around navigating the awkward but designed and calculated terrain. As Richard Hammond demostrated in the last TG episode, these new Land Rovers are filled with fancy new technology to help drivers manage whatever obstacles are thrown their way. You know, such as...parking lot curbs, valet drivers and kids destroying the back seats.

And here's where I ask my question again: Who actually off-roads a new Range Rover? I'm not talking about an LR Defender here, as I think the only people buying Defenders are those who are looking to conquer some trails, or those too hipster to go down the mainstream Jeep CJ route. I'm talking about new Range Rovers. They come with a plethora of new technology to make them more capable for the trails. And yet, they spend the majority of time in shopping mall parking lots, in front of elementary schools during dismissal hour and being valeted around in front of restaurants.

I have a theory: The only people off-roading new Range Rovers are Land Rover themselves or automotive journalists.


Hey, it's just my Sunday morning thought. I'd love to be proven wrong.

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